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didyouknow200DID YOU KNOW: That each area of the law is very different and unique? The last thing you want is for your family law attorney to be trying to handle your criminal or DUI case, just the same as you shouldn’t have your criminal attorney handling your personal injury case. You obviously would not have your foot doctor performing your brain surgery.

The Law Offices of Brandon A. Wood only handles criminal matters (Felony Misdemeanor Infraction DUI) in Adult and Juvenile courts. The first thing you should do when you call a law office is ask if they handle cases different from your case - if you need a family law attorney, first ask if they handle criminal cases, if they say yes, hang up! As the old saying goes: jack of all trades, master of none.

If your child is in trouble, ask the Law Office if they are certified with the juvenile court to handle juvenile matters - most are not (we are of course). If they don’t know what that means - they’re not.

You can call our office for any type of case and we will refer you to the right attorney for your case, free of charge of course!

If you have an Adult criminal or Juvenile delinquency matter, or want to clean up a prior criminal charge


Call The Law Offices of Brandon A. Wood, for a free consult 760-245-WOOD (9663).


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