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The Law Offices of Brandon A Wood have beer representing criminal defendants for . Listed below are some of the areas that we have defended our clients interested. Stand up for your rights and be heard.

We have been practicing as a criminal lawyer in all these locations in the high desert for 15 years;
Adelanto, Apple Valley, Baker, Barstow, Big Bear, Hesperia, Oak Hills, Needles, Pinon Hills, Victorville, Wrightwood, Mojave, Little Rock, Lucerne and San Bernardino County.




Popular Services services table space5px Assaualt & Batteryservices table space5px   Domestic Crimes 
 Probation Violation Hearings    Assault    Aggrivated Trespass
 Clearing Warrants    Battery    Child Abuse
 Expungement    Assault with a Deadly Weapon    Child Endangerment
     Battery on a Peace Officer    Elder Abuse
Traffic    Battery causing serious bodily injury    Child Neglect
 DUI    Battery on a Public Official    Corporal Injury Spouse
Alcohol in a Motor Vehicle        Criminal Threats
 Suspended Liscense    Drugs   Domestic Battery
 Driving Addicted to Drugs    Manufacturing Drugs   Restraining Order Violation
 Evading an Officer    Sales of Controlled Substance    
 Hit and Run    Marijuanna    Fraud
 Driving without a Liscense    Diversion Program    Auto Insurance Fraud
 Vehicular Manslaughter    Possesion of a Controlled Substance    Credit Card
     Sales and Transportation    Identity Theft
 Sex Crimes    Under the Influence    Worker Comp Fraud
 Prostituion        Health Care Fraud
 Rape    Theft    Gaming Fraud
Lewd Conduct in Public   Auto Burglary   Welfare Fraud
Indecent Exposure   Burglary    
Lewd Contact with a Child   Burglary of Safe or Vault    
Stautory Rape   Embezzlement    
Sexual Battery   Grand Theft    
    Missapporpriation of Public Funds    
    Petty Theft    
    Receiving Stolen Property    

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