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Water Ways

didyouknow200DID YOU KNOW: That law enforcement jurisdiction on waterways, such as Lake Havasu, The Colorado River, Parker, Lake Mojave, Needles, ETC, extends from high water mark to high water mark? This means that a San Bernardino County Deputy Sheriff can cite or arrest someone sitting on the beach on the Arizona side, and vice versa. So yes, an SB deputy can cite you for a minor in possession of alcohol, DUI, BUI, etc, even though you’re in Arizona!

Be safe out there - don’t drink and drive / boat - drinking and driving on a boat is not legal even though most everyone does it (unfortunately). On any given weekend there are FIVE law enforcement agencies (Mohave County Sheriff, Lake Havasu City Police, San Bernardino County Sheriff, Bureau of Land Management (BLM Rangers) and The U.S. Coast Guard) patrolling Havasu. DUI / BUI check points are getting more and more popular in the heavy traffic areas. Don’t risk ending up in jail, having your boat impounded or worse!


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